• Includes foot pedal, limit switch control with auto-return feature.
  • 29 rounds, oversize rounds, slots, and squares
  • 18" press brake with 4-way die.
  • Optional Stroke Control is mounted on the hydraulic cylinder on the rear of the machine. This feature allows you to set the stroke of the press ram for repetitive jobs such pipe, tubing, or brake bending. Turn threaded rod to desired position and tighten lock nut to set stroke.
  • This backgauge kit mounts on to the flat and angle shear for shearing consistent parts.
  • Mount your coper notcher or pipe notcher in the punch station of your ironworker. Compatible with both the SPP20/50 and SPP40/75
  • Store up to 30 punches in this punch rack that also conveniently catches the fall-off from the flat shear.


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