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Looking for a heavy duty, American-made press? Welcome here! Iroquois Ironworker presses are built like a rock and they are built for YOU!

Our presses are strong, rigid, and heavy. And on top of that, they’re designed to look good too. You will find few presses on the market today with this kind of quality. For quality assurance and rigidity, frames are cut entirely out of thick plate steel and welded together. We never use castings, or structural channels and I-beams.

Another great feature on our presses is that we use only standard pressure (4,000 psi or less) hydraulic systems with larger bore cylinders and pumps. These run under less stress and are more durable than the small bore, high pressure (10,000 psi) hydraulics that you will see on many presses. Also, we use large two stage pump units which give our machines faster cycle times.