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Hydraulic Presses

Heavy Duty.

Built like a rock — just for YOU!

Iroquois presses are strong, rigid, heavy, and good looking. You can even choose your own paint color. Few presses on the market today offer this kind of quality, affordability, and customization.


Dependable quality adds serious value. If you buy inferior products, you’ll find yourself with headaches down the road. For example, we never use castings, or structural channels and I-beams. Instead…

…your frame will be cut from 100% thick plate steel and then thoroughly welded together for unflinching rigidity — this way you will perform to perfection for years to come.

Your Iroquois will last longer because it’s built with standard pressure (4,000 psi or less) hydraulics systems with larger bore cylinders and pumps. This means your Iroquois operates under less stress… for a longer life.

Plus, we build your machine with a large two-stage pump unit that gives your machine a faster cycle time so you can be more productive.