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Long ago, bending metal was a grueling task.

Today, without the proper equipment, it can still be painstaking, frustrating, even maddening.

We think you want better… Like a modern high-tech machine that’s not only affordable, but is mostly hassle-free, highly accurate, and durable…

…and dependable partners you can rely on — like a team of Iditarod Huskies — always at the ready to pull you through the heavy chores.

That was our philosophy when we started Iroquois Ironworks in 2003. It’s been our driving objective every day since.

You have things to build — and your time is valuable. Our mission is to help you craft your products and meet your deadlines with hydraulic press brake equipment that performs flawlessly — day in, day out.

It’s not our goal to be the biggest…

…what our entire staff is happy with are satisfied customers building superior products using our hefty reliable Iroquois machines. After all, when you really enjoy your work, life is good. That’s how we feel, and you should too. Wouldn’t you agree?

We’re proud to have our fabricating equipment humming away all across the country — and we hope you’ll find out for yourself how good you’ll feel when your Iroquois Ironworks team treats you like the dependable partner you deserve.

Incorporated in 2003, Iroquois Ironworker, Inc. is a well established American manufacturing company that is founded upon Christian principle and integrity. We are located in Iroquois, SD, USA.

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