Reviews from a Wide Range of Customers

“We have had great service from you folks and the brake we purchased has
performed better than we expected. We are going to need more equipment in
the future and you can rest assured Iroquois will get the first call.”

Freestone Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram,

“Hello, I bought a new SPP20/50 ironworker in April 2018. I have a small home
hobby shop. What I do is mostly hot rods/race car fabrication. I also have a
dyna torch plasma table. The ironworker is a great addition to the shop. Would
buy again equipment from Iroquois as need arrives. It was great to buy
American manufacturing, PLUS a great machine.”

Hot Rod & Race Car Fabricator,

“We have really enjoyed and appreciated the simplicity of the Iroquois
Ironworker we have purchased. The four-way bottom die has been a real bonus
with its ease of die profile changing. In an educational environment durability
and ease of operation are two of the most important items when selecting a
work platform and your ironworker provides those for us. Thanks for your

Rogue Community College,

“The machine has been great as well as the customer service. It gets used
almost every day for shearing metal. The only thing I have had problems with
is the stripper for the punch seem quite bulky for the machine and gets in the
way quite a bit. Other than that I am very happy with the ironworker and its

MAC Diversified Enterprises,

“We purchased an Iroquois 48/100 press brake. This machine is a beast. It
easily brakes anything we have tried from 3/16 mild steel to ¾ high carbon
plate. We have used it on multiple projects and it performs flawlessly every
time. Thank you, Iroquois, for building an affordable and reliable piece of
equipment. This is by far the best purchase we have ever made.”

Newcastle ISD,

“I haven’t had much time on the press yet. For the bends I completed,
everything went very well. The control is very user-friendly and easy
to understand. As far as the order process for the press everything
went very smoothly. Overall I am very satisfied.

MBW Inc.

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